About Me

I’m a nurse practitioner and in April 2014 I earned a PhD in nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  My academic interests are orphan care in HIV-endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa and well-being as a function of belonging and virtue.  I am interested in research paradigms grounded in philosophies of well-being, as opposed to standard deficit-approaches to health.

About Nursing Philosophy…It Matters

I created this blog as a repository for my ideas to address philosophical and practical problems in nursing philosophy. Inherent in philosophy of health is how notions of virtue impact our beliefs about what health is and how we pursue it.   The product of my contemplations has resulted in the ever-evolving  Perspectival Well-Being Model.

Most blog posts begin with a short synopsis titled “Plain Talk”, to convey in simple terms the ideas contained in the post.  Over time, I have tried to adjust my writing to appeal to nurses and nursing students in an attempt to demonstrate how philosophy is never far removed from us because it permeates everything we do.

I have resisted the urge of making this a more scholarly blog site because I want to reach a more general audience through everyday language and an occasional light-hearted flair.  Please, if you have ideas or suggestions for how to improve this blog, please contact me.  It’s always a work in progress!

My Other Blog:  Orphan Health Project

In Fall 2011, I opened a new blog for posting news and commentary on orphan issues.  Subtitled, “rethinking lifescapes”, it emphasizes factors and processes that contribute to orphan well-being.  People who read both blogs will notice  some overlap.

Current Employment

Adjunct professor of nursing for online graduate nursing students at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Nurse practitioner at Wichita Medical Associates, Wichita, KS.

Legal nurse consultant, Fruechting Consulting, LLC.  www.PamelaFruechting.com

Contact Information

Email: pamelafruechting@gmail.com

Twitter: @nursing_phil

Twitter: @PamFruechting

Twitter: @orphanhealth

LinkedIn: Pamela Fruechting

Academia.edu: Pamela Fruechting

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